Fabbrika 2015

“Fabbrika 2015” from Novi Sad was founded in 2015. From the time it was founded until this day it has carried out a large number of projects in Serbia as well as abroad. A large number of business and apartment objects have been projected. If you want to have unique pieces of furniture as well as wooden finishing, we are the perfect choice for you. Thanks to a young and budding team of architectures, every piece of furniture is made in a unique and special manner by our top-notch carpenters.

“Fabbrika 2015” has been collaborating since 2018 with the café and restaurant called “Čika Pero” which it has furnished entirely with stylish furniture. All business contracts are agreed upon in admirably equipped rooms.

Manufacture of custom-made furniture:

 Custom-made kitchens

 Custom-made TV stands

 Custom-made club tables

 Custom-made beds

 Custom-made closets 

 Custom-made tables


 Custom-made chairs

 Custom-made upholstered furniture

 Custom-made shoe racks and coat hangers

 Custom-made children’s rooms

 Custom-made shelves

 Custom-made bathrooms

Wooden and stone decoration:

 Wall coating

 Wooden facade


 Wooden decoration


 Wooden fences and gates

 Stone coating

Items for catering:

 Wooden plates and saucers

 Wooden boards

 Wooden menu holders

 Wooden sugar containers

 Wooden salad bowls

 Wooden small bowls

 Wooden bottle and cup holders

Materials used in production:

 Full wood (walnut, oak, cherry, ash, maple, elm, pear…)

 Lamellated wood


 Fibreboard (PVC foil, factory foil)





 Marble and granite

 Glass and mirrors

 Epoxide resin